The above illustration shows the signature of Lachlan MacLachlan the 17th Chief of Clan Lachlan who died at the head of his men on the field of Culloden in 1747.

The signature is taken from a will written by him three years before the battle prior to leaving the Kingdom on ‘business of his own’ . He does not give any information about this business but as well as making provision for his family he goes into great detail about the future of the Chief-ship should his male descendants fail. This may mean that the business was less about his family and more about preparations for a future rising and therefore dangerous. There is a letter from Dublin written by the Earl of Chesterfield in March 1740, complaining of a Maclachlan who ‘is come over to raise some men to carry to Scotland. There is no evidence that this was the 17th Chief on an earlier trip but the reward of £200 pounds offered for his capture was substantial, around £2400 in 2020 terms which leads one to believe that he was of some importance.